Records Management
Records Management Controlled storage and access
DocuWare has security mechanisms for internal control and meeting audit requirements. These protect documents throughout the whole workflow from import to long-term archiving on read-only media and storage systems. DocuWare assists compliance with legal and regulatory standards including AO, HIPAA, Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley. Retention and deletion periods are monitored automatically.
Legally compliant document and data access
DocuWare ensures data needed for legal reasons can be accessed throughout the entire statutory retention period by means of export functions. Spool data in the printer system that was automatically imported via COLD/READ or the DocuWare printer driver can be reproduced as an exact replica in the original format by storing form templates.

Tailor-made access rights
Access to documents is strictly controlled through a detailed authorization concept consisting of groups, roles and profiles. This concept ensures that employees, auditors, customers and suppliers will only see the documents they are allowed to see by their level of authorization. Direct access to document files from the operating system file browser is not possible. Log features make it possible to prove who accessed, or modified a document and when, even years later.

Electronic Signature
DocuWare allows all forms of electronic signature: simple, advanced, and qualified signatures as well as time stamps and handwritten signatures. They are seamlessly integrated in the DocuWare system and available to authorized
users. They provide an additional way of ensuring the integrity and authenticity of documents and the identity of users.
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