DocuWare for Project Teams
DocuWare for Project Teams Easy management of project data - anytime, anywhere, always current
DocuWare stores all of your documents in one central document pool. Employees can access materials around the clock, from anywhere in the world in seconds, no matter the data source or file format. Document changes and collaboration of all team members are immediately visible. Projects can be executed efficiently on or below budget.
Race Against Time
Product cycles are getting faster and faster. Designs of cars and appliances are constantly changing. Instead of taking twelve years to develop, pharmaceuticals are now created in an average of seven. Houses seem to spring up out of the ground. It's no wonder then that "Time to Market" has become a critical competitive factor.

Devil in the Details
To keep pace, efficient and error-free project planning is key: sometimes it only takes a single mistake and a company is looking at red numbers instead of black. Managing and archiving vital project documentation is therefore an enormous challenge.

Project participants need access to individual documents for years to come regardless of their original format. This could include letters, e-mail, meeting minutes, accounting records as well as blueprints, CAD drawings and photographs.
Every day this living collection of documents is modified and new records are added. A single project can end up filling several file cabinets. Paper documents are often lost between external sites, production facilities, labs or construction zones - caught up in the world of faxes, couriers or scan centers who convert them to digital format. Sending them to where they are actually needed is time consuming for all parties involved. Even if a company has done its best to store the information on the network, employees often have trouble opening them or using them off-site - simply because they do not have the software in which the document has been generated.

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Real-time access to data from anywhere in the world
Data can be retrieved regardless of file format and data source
Simple structure of virtual project teams - to reduce costs and quickly complete projects
Electronic stamps reflect the status of each employee - better information management
Fewer errors
Individual project steps transparent - enhanced legal security
Time lines streamlined, faster "Time to Market"
Complete Solution info
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