Remote locations and mobile users
Remote locations and mobile users One of the important benefits of electronic document management is being able to access documents online regardless of location. DocuWare can access file cabinets and documents in the central document pool via the Internet with the full range of functions, partly via its own Web Client, and partly through client programs. This makes it easier to include mobile workers - for example with Smartphones without impairing DocuWare’s high security standards.
Synchronize file cabinets
File cabinets at different locations can also be synchronized with one another. A finely granulated system of rules determines, for example, which documents in a file cabinet in the central document pool are synchronized with the file cabinet at a branch location in the nightly synchronization run, and vice versa. This ensures that the head office and the branch can conveniently work with the same documents with minimum response times and without overloading landlines. This is an optimum way of integrating both domestic and foreign branches and subsidiaries in your document management system.

Remote location workflow processes
The DocuWare architecture makes it easy to extend document-based processes to home offices and other remote workstations. Mobile users can be integrated in the electronic process thereby adding even more to the efficiency of this system compared to paper-based workflows. The optional e-mail notification of new tasks accelerates workflows across remote locations and mobile users.

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