FortisBlue Education

The following course offerings are designed to give customers the tools they need to get the most out of the investment in their FortisBlue document management solution.

FortisBlue courses require basic knowledge of the Windows operating system environment, industry-related hardware and software experience and a general understanding of the concepts of scanning, imaging and content management. Some courses also require basic knowledge of Windows networking and other criteria as specified in the prerequisites listed with each course description.

Keep in mind

Classes must have three or more students registered in order to run. Classes without sufficient enrollment are pulled from the calendar two weeks prior to the start date. Students shouldn’t book any non-refundable travel until they receive confirmation that the class will be held.

Custom User Education

Customized User Education ensures that users rapidly adapt to the changes in their daily tasks and business processes resulting from the FortisBlue implementation. Class length and content is determined based on the needs of the user base. Customized training can be made up of several short, task-specific sessions attended by only the people performing those specific tasks. Employees might need to attend several of the sessions to cover all required tasks. Customized training can be provided via the Web.

FortisBlue End User Education

What You'll Learn

The end users of a FortisBlue implementation are the true test of its success. However, if they aren't properly trained, they won't use the product to its full potential. Our comprehensive user education courseensures that FortisBlue customers can quickly take advantage of the full range of FortisBlue capabilities. Attendees will learn various methods to bring documents into FortisBlue and identify and organize them for later retrieval. They will also learn how to find and manage their documents after they are in the system. They will leave class with a thorough understanding of the end-user functionality of FortisBlue. This class is the first two days of CFBA class.

Class Information

Length:Two days
Open Sessions:March 13 – 14 September 28 – 29
Cost:Please call your Partner for pricing
Audience:Those who will work with the FortisBlue user client
Prerequisites:Basic Windows operating system skills
Recommended:Understanding of document management concepts, and how FortisBlue will be used
Completion:Attendance of both days of this course is required to become a certified FortisBlue user

Certified FortisBlue Administrator (CFBA)

What You'll Learn

This course begins with a focus on the end-user functionality of FortisBlue. The remainder of the time is spent learning administration and maintenance of the system, including understanding best practices for good system and database design techniques. Class is primarily hands-on.

Class Information

Length:Five days
Open Sessions:March 13 – 17
September 28 – October 2
Cost:Please call your Partner for pricing
Audience:Advanced MIS staff, system administrators, database administrators, and support technicians
Prerequisites:Windows operating system skills
Recommended:Advanced Windows operating system skills including an understanding of basic Windows networking concepts; understanding of document management concepts, and how FortisBlue will be used
Completion:Attendance at all five days of this course is required to become CFBA