Enterprise Content Management:
For Success in the Digital Age

With an Enterprise Content Management strategy, companies transform archaic paper-based processes and put structure around disconnected digital information. Drive success in the digital age by using Enterprise Content Management to create customer-centric, productivity enhancing processes across your business.

A sound ECM strategy quickly delivers a measurable business impact and positive ROI. How quickly? According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 46% of companies that adopt an enterprise content management strategy report positive ROI within 12 months, and two thirds do so within 18 months.

What Is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management is the umbrella term for the full range of content and document management capabilities that businesses need today.

While every business looks for capabilities that meet their specific business requirements, Gartner includes the following capabilities in their definition of enterprise content management:
  • Archiving
  • Collaboration
  • Digital asset management
  • Web content management
Enterprise Content Management on Mobile Device with DocuWare

The 3 Phases of an Enterprise Content Management Strategy


Phase 1

From Disparate Paper Information and Digital Assets to Centralized Digital Information:

This is where your ECM strategy begins, by moving your disparate paper documents and unorganized digital assets to be digitally stored, centralized and shared.


Phase 2

From Centralized Digital Information to Digital Processes:

Once documents and other information are digital and centralized, your organization can migrate processes to be completely digital, too.


Phase 3

From Digital Processes to Digital Experiences:

By the end of this stage, your organization’s content, processes and procedures will have been transformed to create a totally digital experience for both staff and customers, resulting in a more positive experience for everyone.

The Business Value of Enterprise Content Management

Better Customer Experience

72% of businesses surveyed say improving their business processes would increase customer satisfaction and brand value.

82% of businesses say taking the friction out of back-office and front-office business processes is essential for improving the customer experience.*

*Source: IDC

Higher Employee Productivity

Instead of wasting employee time manually filing and finding docu- ments, valuable human resources can be reassigned to high impact tasks that significantly contribute to the sustainable success of an organization.

Automating paper-based business processes can reduce manual work effort by 75% or more.*

*Source: AIIM


75% of businesses report having suffered serious business risk or compliance issues due to paper-based business practices.*

Digital storage and management of business information improves security and auditability.

*Source: IDC

Simply Powerful:
DocuWare for Enterprise Content Management

Get Going Quickly and Grow

DocuWare can be implemented within a couple of days or weeks. Once installed, DocuWare can be adapted easily to changing needs, many times without any involvement of your IT department.

Fully Featured

DocuWare provides all the comprehensive functionality needed to drive digital process transformation, without the complexity of legacy ECM. Digital storage, intelligent indexing retrieval, and intuitive workflow and mobile tools provide the foundation for your company’s digital future.

Your Choice: Cloud or On Premises

DocuWare is the world-wide leader for cloud-based ECM solutions. DocuWare Cloud is based on a multi-tenant, public architecture and provides 100% of the functionality available with the on-premises version.

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