What Is Digital Document Management?

The Smart Way To Manage Your Business Information

Digital document management offers far more than a way to replace cumbersome paper with digital files. It’s a comprehensive system that converts your company’s documents — email, invoices, contracts and other documents — into valuable resources and business intelligence insights.

An End-To-End Solution

Solutions which handle and manage various types of documents digitally go by many different names, such as “enterprise content management,” “document management” and “records management.” Regardless of the chosen label, we at DocuWare find it helpful to think of four main elements which are at the core of any solution.

Capturing and organizing documents

The first element of digital document management is locating and capturing your company’s documents, whether it’s in physical paper or digital format, and organizing it in a coherent, efficient way.

Providing access and transparency

Using a consistent method and central depository for storing all documents greatly improves access to important business information, driving efficiency gains in virtually every process.

Streamlining collaboration on shared documents

Digital document management allows your employees to read, share and modify the same document, without the confusion of multiple versions.

Creating a consistent document management infrastructure

A centralized document depository integrates smoothly with your existing applications such as email, accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, resulting in streamlined operations.

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