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Documents may be subject to input or updates from multiple parties over time. Other documents may require sequential involvement from various people. In all of these cases, it’s imperative that the document be immediately available to whomever needs it — that they can read, share or modify it — whether they’re at the office or on the road.

Our videos can show you how you will be able to manage this - With DocuWare!

Always Up-to-Date: Instantly Receive Documents for Processing

Surrounded by piles of paperwork, do you sometimes ask yourself: What actually needs to be processed next? With DocuWare things are very different: Documents waiting to be processed are clearly displayed - automatically.

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Get Rid of Process Backlog: Control Business Processes Electronically

Documents are part of every essential business process. If an important document lags behind your processes can come to a standstill. DocuWare takes your documents straight to the finish line electronically, without detours.

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DocuWare Keeps Everyone in the Loop: Collaborating with Third Parties

Effective business relationships are the name of the game in today's work environment. If you want to make documents available to customers, partners, or service providers, it can be challenging. With DocuWare this is so much easier.

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Many Colleagues, One Document: Collaborate and Edit as a Team

If one document is being edited by several colleagues at the same time, it's not long before problems arise. With DocuWare, this problem never happens. Even when several colleagues are working on one document.

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