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In this Digital Age, it’s amazing how many organizations still rely on paper for information management. They “organize” their documents in the same, centuries-old way: desk drawers, filing cabinets, corrugated boxes.

Our videos can show you how you will improve your business - With DocuWare!

Eliminate Paper Filing: Store Documents As You Scan Them

Filing paper costs time and frays nerves. There's a much better way to file all your documents. With DocuWare!

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Stop Doing Twice the Work: Storing Documents When You Print them

Your printer is running at full speed. You're printing out multiple copies of the documents you are sending to customers and partners? Why all the effort? Why not use DocuWare?

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Say Goodbye to File Chaos: Storing Documents from the File System

Are you accumulating hundreds of files on your PC? They're kept everywhere. On your hard drive, or on network drives, or in the worst case scenario in temporary directories, or simply on the desktop. DocuWare to the rescue!

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Perfect Email Management: Archiving Emails in DocuWare

Emails are now an unavoidable part of everyday working life. Over time it all builds up. It's all pretty chaotic.
With DocuWare, emails are stored centrally -- together with your all other business-relevant documents.

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