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Employees print out electronic correspondence, then store it in folders and metal file cabinets but not everyone uses the same filing system or even knows where certain files are located. With DocuWare managing your information, your company can streamline virtually every process, because everyone has access to the data they need, when they need it. Our videos can show you how you will improve your business - With DocuWare!

Find Documents — Anytime, Worldwide

Every day is the same: An exasperating and tedious search for documents. Documents are scattered in many different places, distributed across different offices, possibly even in different countries. Oh dear ... it's about time you got DocuWare.

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Find Documents: With One Click From Any Program

Do you work every day with with one particular program, such as bookkeeping software? Wouldn't it be easier if every document you needed in this program was just a click away? That's just what DocuWare lets you do.

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