Intelligent Indexing

Intelligent Indexing Revolutionizes Paper Storage

DocuWare Intelligent Indexing transforms document indexing into an efficient process, helping save time and eliminating the need for filing documents by hand.

Global success:

  • more than 300 customers
  • approx. 400,000 documents processed every month


"A company like ours – which has a small number of documents (about 200 a day) but of various types – can really profit from this innovation."

Frank Kauferstein, Specialist for Heating & Plumbing, Haiger, Germany

Document storage in an instant with Intelligent Indexing. No more paper files because everything's electronic. And no more tiresome typing of document contents for structured archiving. Intelligent Indexing detects the relevant data on the documents, and storage then takes place using these terms. Helping you find everything quickly again.
Designed for small to medium businesses that process hundreds of documents a month, Intelligent Indexing automatically captures precise pieces of information from scanned documents, turning unstructured information into a valuable resource.


Documents Stored Quickly

Even before you begin storing documents, Intelligent Indexing looks for the correct indexing terms. All you need to do is click on the Store button and the job's done.
You can check the indexing beforehand and make changes if necessary.

Automatically Sorted

The index terms used by Intelligent Indexing are also sorting criteria. Finding documents again is child's play, whether you search by date, customer, invoice number, or similar.

No More Typing Errors

Intelligent Indexing automatically transfers content from documents, doing away with typing errors and transposed numbers, which occur easily with manual typing and cause problems further down the line.


Intelligent Indexing automatically searches for the relevant index terms in the documents. You either confirm the suggested terms or improve them. Using this feedback, the system learns continuously so that known document types can be automatically and safely stored in a very short space of time.

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