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4 Facts Savvy CFOs Must Know About Business Process Transformation

CEOs are demanding that their CFOs take a leadership role in Technology Strategy and Digital Transformation. Embracing change and automating financial processes can create long-term benefits for both the CFO and the organization. This White Paper outlines 4 facts every CFO should know and why they need to automate.

How To Use Digital Workflows To Create A Paperless Office

Replacing paper-based processes with digital workflows frees up employees to focus on more important tasks. This White Paper gives digital workflow examples for Human Resources and Accounts Payable, along with 3 actionable tips to make the transition to a paperless office.

The Modern Manufacturers' Guide to Digitizing 7 Key Business Processes

Modern manufacturing success is driven by the ability to optimize production methods and all aspects of business operations. In today’s world, modern manufacturers' are improving efficiency by replacing paper-based processes with digital content and workflows. This White Paper outlines how a manufacturer can go digital.

5 Tips for Taming Document Management Chaos At Your Mid-Sized Company

This Tip Sheet provides a plan for an organization to get a handle on its large amount of documents - from examining the overall amount of documents, to choosing a specific process to tackle first, and implementing the plan.

5 Steps For Integrating ECM Into Your Organization

When an ECM solution is fully integrated with existing systems, tools and workflows, it delivers important benefits for an organization, its employees and the bottom line. This Tip Sheet outlines the 5 steps and benefits received when integrating an ECM solution to its fullest advantages.

In Five Steps – How to Successfully Introduce Document Management

Strengthen your prospecting process with clear communication from start to finish: the introduction of document management can be planned reliably with a roadmap.  

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