From Fortis to DocuWare

Fortis to DocuWare Migration Information

DocuWare combined the best feature sets from Fortis, FortisBlue and DocuWare on this advanced platform to offer you a next-generation solution. Your ongoing maintenance contract entitles you to free upgrade licenses for this DocuWare software. Learn more about the DocuWare platform which will be available to you in April 2016.


Joan Honig, Product Marketing Manager

Phone: 203-871-4122

The Power of DocuWare Technology

The underlying power of the DocuWare technology was a key consideration in choosing to migrate Fortis users to the DocuWare platform. DocuWare is built on a modern REST architecture, which is a native web technology that allows for integration with the Cloud and other 3rd party applications. This infrastructure will enable you to integrate more easily with any future changes that are made to your line-of-business and ERP systems. You can also leverage the advantages of Cloud-based software, since DocuWare has, besides its on-premise product line, a full-featured Cloud offering already in use by over 4,000 users. If you have further questions read more in our FAQ

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