From Fortis to DocuWare

Fortis to DocuWare Migration Tools

The Fortis and FortisBlue Product Configuration Match Cards are now available. The Match Cards provide DocuWare equivalents both for Cloud and On-Premise software. The Match Cards will help you understand the migration licensing model as a whole. The Product Configuration Calculator is a Partners-only tool that will help you estimate costs for specific Fortis or FortisBlue configurations and compare Cloud and On-Premise Solutions. The Migration Assessment Guide outlines a clear and repeatable process to ensure successful migration.

Migrate to
DocuWare Version 7

To migrate from Fortis 6.12 to DocuWare Version 7, please download the Fortis or FortisBlue Service Pack 1 below.


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Webinar Recording

Watch the recording of the Webinar "Successful Migration from Fortis to Docuware"

Webinar Recording

Watch the recording of the Webinar “Migration Assessment Guide and Tools”

White Paper

Start by reading "From Fortis to DocuWare" and becoming familiar with the Cloud-based DocuWare Demo.

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