Our Mission: From Documents to Value

Documents are much more than paper

They contain enormous potential that can be unlocked by managing them in an intelligent way. Together with our partners and customers, we leverage this potential, helping them build sustainability by strengthening their productivity.


Solutions that drive future business

Value for our Customers:

With so many products and services developed around DocuWare, our customers benefit from solutions that increase efficiencies, making it easier for them to master the challenges of the market.

Value for our Partners:

Our partners work together with us to develop valuable solutions. This leads to successful, long-term relationships with many satisfied customers.
Simplicity allows focus on strategy
With DocuWare, users do not need to invest time into the system, but rather focus their time by using documents in the most strategic way possible.
We enable our partners to find and retain customers with minimal effort, to excite them and to create effective solutions.
Large Community ensures best results
Over 175,000 active users constantly motivate us to refine our solutions and offerings to meet the demands of the ever-changing workplace. Through the exchange of experiences within our large user community, customers can maximize the potential of their DocuWare system.
Our partners make up a network of over 1,000 DocuWare experts worldwide – offering a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience. In order to utilize this knowledge pool for the best customer solutions, we initiate and foster the flow of information between partners.
Success is the goal
With DocuWare, our customers maximize their profitability through optimal processes and satisfied employees. This is the prerequisite for achieving continuous success in a global marketplace.
DocuWare has over 25 years of experience developing proven sales methods, solutions and services. Fostered by close relationships, we provide the basis for a profitable and long-lasting business model for our partners.

About DocuWare

DocuWare is one of the world’s leading document management software companies. Its solutions are available in more than 70 countries and 16 languages, with over 175,000 users in approximately 16,000 installations. The company, founded in 1988, operates worldwide from Germering near Munich, Germany,New Windsor, New York and from Wallingford/Connecticut , with subsidiaries in the U.K., Spain and France. Whether as a cloud solution or as an on-premise DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management. DocuWare's solutions are highly secure and scalable, flexible to integrate and use future-proof technologies.