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More than 16,000 companies trust DocuWare for managing their most critical documents. When you partner with DocuWare, you join the thousands of industry leaders who have already discovered how the industry’s best Enterprise Content Management Platform improves operations at every level of their organization.

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Successfully transform your organization with DocuWare’s start-to-finish guidance that incorporates document management’s best practices. We partner with you to guide you through the entire process, from the early stages of assessment and planning through implementation and optimization. We also provide training, support and education to ensure maximum user adoption of your system.

Zero Downtime

DocuWare’s Zero Business Interruption policy ensures your business doesn’t suffer any employee downtime or workflow disruption when implementing your new document management system.

Intelligent Indexing

DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing gets your employees back to business by transforming your current document handling into an efficient, automated process, helping save time and eliminating the need for filing documents by hand. Now your employees can find documents in seconds.

Why Companies Love Us

“DocuWare is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps us to reduce the costs of 120,000 pages of paper per year and associated fax supplies maintenance. This technology improves staff efficiency by spending less time on filing and retrieval of the massive load of paper faxes. In addition, it improves transparency in pharmacy-nursing communication by allowing nurses to check on whether certain orders have indeed been received by the pharmacy.”
Dr. Imad M.Treish, Pharm.D,BCOP, Chairman, Department of Pharmacy, King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan.
"Prior to utilizing DocuWare, we had so much paper flowing through our processes, it was easy to miss a page and make a mistake, and when it comes to payroll issues even one mistake is big."

Andrew Caldwell, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Smart Choice, USA

"Our paperless court is one of our most exciting new uses of DocuWare. Initially some of our judges were a little concerned about moving toward a paperless environment, but our pilot program is quickly changing minds."

Linda Phillips, County Clerk, Tippecanoe County, USA